Arbitration in the crypto currency market

Today, an undisputed leader and trend in the financial market is such a new phenomenon as the crypto currency. Especially the increased attention to this group of assets has appeared since the spring of this year, when bitcoin and a number of other crypto-currencies have demonstrated a significant growth of more than 100%, and some have grown at 300-400%. And now, every trader must adopt several key tactics to work with them in order to profit from today’s fluctuations.

But first, we would like to determine the key points in the formation and definition of the principle of crypto currency operation, as every fix api trader needs to know this asset, how it works, where to get it and what it is intended for, right?

Crypto currency is a digital form of a fee participation of various miners in the process of forming programming blocks intended for transactions. Miners, in turn, are people who use computers to join together in certain groups for common “solving tasks” with the help of their computers. If the task of the rate is solved, they received a “reward” or “fee” – the crypto currency. In recent years, the number of miners and various types of crypto-currencies has increased several times.

As for the popularity of the crypto currency, it is concentrated in its main advantages:

  1. Crypto currency is not tied to inflation and is not regulated by any Central Bank. This allows traders to form the market themselves under classical demand and supply;
  2. It is a new type of asylum asset, because in the event of a collapse in the market, there will be an outflow of assets, but the crypto-currencies are not tied to any market or economy;
  3. A number of countries consider them as a legal form of payment. For example, Japan has already allowed to pay for purchases using bitcoin, and a number of companies in the retail sector are also willing to allow their customers to pay for goods using crypto currency;
  4. A number of large banks, such as Bank of America or JP Morgan, are already starting to use block chain technology.

Taking into account market forecasts, the market of crypto currency will continue to develop, and you, as traders, need to be able to analyze it, and also to have a tool to make profitable positions. And we have such a tool – fix api arbitration algorithm ( )

The thing is that there are a lot of different exchanges of crypto-currencies, at which the cost of crypto currency is significantly different. But these exchanges are rather shaky and according to statistics 49% of them are being closed. What is the case with the BTC exchange? Therefore, this market includes brokerage companies that give speculators the opportunity to trade the price (CFD contract). This increases your chances to save capital tenfold. But it also allows us to use our software to work with crypto-currencies.

In the Fix Api Lock Arbitrage program, there is an opportunity to open positions on two different platforms and set the parameter of exchange discrepancies, which will open trading positions. Thus, you have the opportunity to trade not only with fix api forex market assets, but also with other instruments, in particular, with crypto-currencies. If you take into account that bitcoin can pass 7-8% a day, it allows you to earn huge interest in month with the help of our program.

The versatility of our software allows you to trade with any assets on any platform, which increases your profit potential. Given this innovation in the financial market, in combination with our program, you have the opportunity to turn the profitability of the crypto currency into an automatic source of income without additional equipment costs, as well as the risks of closing the crypto exchanges.

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