Which platform is better for speculative trading: MT4 or cTrader?

The quality of the financial asset analysis directly depends on the trading strategy of the trader. But there are also additional factors that determine the quality of the performed analysis. The same algorithm, due to both broker spreads and margins, along with the trading platforms, can slightly distort the result and demonstrate completely different trading signals.

Today, we will consider the two most popular trading strategies for trading on the fix api forex market: Meta Trader 4 and cTrader.

Many fix api forex brokers provide their customers with access to these two different trading terminals. The logical question is: which platform should I choose? Let’s try to find the answer to this question.

First of all, you should understand that trading in the forex market is already a speculative business, therefore you need to pay attention to both internal and external functionality of the trading terminals. It is necessary to find out which one gives you more opportunities for speculative trading.

We will analyze cTrader first. We determined its key characteristics:

  1. It allows you to conduct manual and algorithmic analysis. However, it is not possible to create an indicator in the platform, thus, there is no development environment. In the market, there is very limited auxiliary software available that could be used in this terminal;
  2. There is a large list of auxiliary elements for analysis: technical indicators, graphic objects and so on;
  3. An accessible “price glass” in which the fix api trader can view the current depth of the market and more accurately determine the further movement of the market. Thus, the trader sees applications for purchase and sale, as well as how much they are exposed.

As for the key features of fix api MT4, we highlight the following:

  1. It allows you to conduct both manual and algorithmic trading. Also internal development environment is built-in in MT4, which is written in the MQL programming language. Due to the same name resource and the popularity of this platform among brokers and traders, there are a lot of different author’s indicators and trading robots that can be used in your fix api trading.
  2. There is a large list of auxiliary elements for analysis: technical indicators, graphic objects and so on;
  3. There is no full-fledged implementation of the “price glass”, but a number of brokerage companies enable the connection to the FiX financial protocol. Access to the fix api allows you to get more accurate and timely data, which makes the algorithmic approach even more effective.

What we have?

If you look at the characteristics of each trading terminal, you can conclude that cTrader is more suitable for manual trading, and MT4 for algorithmic one. Thus, if you are going to trade in a manual mode, you better use the first option. If you have software in the form of a trading robot, then it is optimal to connect it to the fix api protocol via the MT4 terminal.

However, if you already have cTrader trading terminal, where you have investment capital, then specifically for you, we developed software that allows you to combine MT4 with the cTrader terminal. Рhttp://forexzzz.com/product/ctrader-connector-via-fix-api/ .  You can use parallel trading accounts, but trade only on one of them. Also cTrader connector allows you to use trading automatic strategies for trading on cTrader netted accounts via fix api protocol. Our software will solve the problem of choosing the most optimal platform. Use both! Our connector will help you achieve the set goals in the fix api forex market.

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