Fix Api Splitter: an Effective Tool for Each Brokerage Company

The long-term functioning and stabilization of the brokerage company’s main activity directly depends on which scheme it operates: whether it closes all operations directly on the internal server or takes some of the risk transactions directly to the market. The further position of the company depends on it. Today, the main criterion in choosing a broker for a trader is the possibility of withdrawing both his investment funds and received profitability. Spreads, slippage, and other commissions or restrictions on the part of the broker remain in the second place.

For a brokerage company to be able to easily generate profit, this yield should be formed precisely in the market. And here the broker can decide to independently close the trader’s transactions or give him the opportunity to independently trade on the market with the help of special software.

We present fix api splitter  to your attention. This software just does the function of supplying the trader’s trading operations directly to the clearing center, bypassing the servers of the brokerage company. Our ten-year experience in software development for both traders and brokerage companies has allowed to create an innovative product among all fix api technologies at the most affordable price.

What is fix api splitter

Fix api splitter – This is software solution for a brokerage company that allows you to accumulate several trading accounts with the fix api technology into one. These accounts have the ability to trade directly on a price glass of the clearing center, instead of the brokerage one. In some brokerage companies, the client can request access to fix api, in order to perform operations on the platforms of those liquidity providers that the broker provides. However, not every company had such functionality, and those who gave the opportunity to trade through the financial protocol, requested a large deposit to increase the commission, because the use of this software is not a cheap pleasure. As a rule, a broker must pay a clearing fee for each fix api and if the brokerage fee is minimal, then the profitability from it will not be great.

How it works

The fix api splitter’s functionality is pretty simple. If the client makes a request to provide him the fix api technology, then you can create an account for him in our program, providing a login and password for logging in to the software, as well as a unique client ID that will show the fact of connection to the fix api. Also, in fix api splitter, you keep the ability to manage groups of clients, and switch new accounts between MT4 and fix api. With the help of the MT4 control box, you have an opportunity to view the results on the account and switch the orders execution. Moreover, there is a possibility of setting parameters such as spread, slip and other commissions.

Key advantage of the fix api splitter

The main advantage and feature of the fix api splitter is the fact that this program allows you to create an account inside the fix api. Thus, the broker does not have to pay clearing for each connected account. You, as a broker, connect only one account, which will be a fix api splitter program, and already inside this software, you or the clients will have a separate account. To put it simply, fix api splitter allows you to create an account on your system and connect it to the clearing center (to the market quotes). Thus, when the number of clients selling through the fix api will increase, your payment will be fixed and will not exceed a certain fixed fee. If you are just starting your business and you need to reduce the fixed costs, the fix api splitter is the ideal software solution.

In addition to this functionality, fix api splitter also has the following advantages:

  1. It helps to save the consumable part of your business, because with the fix api splitter, you will pay only for one account;
  2. It allows you to track all the clients that are connected to the FIX protocol;
  3. It is possible to set the required level of commissions in the form of swaps, spreads and slips;
  4. Integration with MT4 accounts and bridge technology for more flexible and comprehensive management of the client trading transactions.

Who can take advantage of this product?

Undoubtedly, this product is designed for both novice brokers and already existing companies to optimize the expenditure side and expand the product line. Fix api splitter has the best price in the market for access to the FIX protocol and besides brokers, it also perfectly suits the modern traders. So, if your customers want to trade on the account in the prime broker, you can give them such an opportunity. Fix api splitter is great for algorithmic trading, as well as for high-frequency trading robots (HFT). The speed of order execution and real market conditions make it possible to earn at minimum price changes.

To sum it up, it’s safe to say that the fix api splitter is a modern technological solution for a brokerage company at the lowest price. Its versatility in use, as well as the ability to connect multiple clients to a single account and integrate them with a clearing center, will allow you to save the capital that is vital for the broker in the initial stage. If you integrate this software as a separate product from your company, it will also allow you to avoid brokerage risks. Thus, all customers with large volumes or speculative/arbitrage trading robots will get directly to the market. Your net earnings will depend on the intensity of their trade exclusively from the commission. Such diversification of the client base will contribute to a stable increase in the company’s profitability.

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