Our arbitrage trading robots

What is the secret of the successful investing and successful trading? Somebody would say it lies in getting the maximum profit percentage, while the others state it is about the minimum risks and safety of capital. We are combining both of these categories and consider that the trading effectiveness, as well as investment success, should be measured by the ability to increase the maximum guaranteed percentage of returns with minimal risks.

We have spent a lot of time developing for you the software that would satisfy this trading condition. Eventually, we have found it in a form of fix api arbitrage algorithms.

The arbitrage is not a new approach to the fix api trading. The most part of professional traders have probably heard about it, but didn’t have a chance to apply it to the financial market. The thing is that the arbitrage is based on trading the same financial asset at the time of exchange rate discrepancies on different exchanges. For instance, the contract can cost 1000$ on the Japanese exchange, while 1005$ – on the London one at the same time. Back in 80-90s exchange speculators immediately bought the contract at the Japanese exchange and sold at the London one, getting 5 dollars profit on the transaction.

The fix api forex is basically a global platform where the value of an asset has the same price. However, the brokerage companies are of a great help, as they set markups and delays. Due to this, there is a course difference at various brokerage sites. Knowing an advantage of such opportunity we have developed the two trading robots, which are trading according to such principles:

  1. FIX API latency Arbitrage (http://forexzzz.com/product/zzz-latency-robot/)
  2. FIX API 2-leg Arbitrage (http://forexzzz.com/product/zzz-2-leg-arbitrage/)

The first option is based on the trading operations that are committed on the slower broker’s side. Our trading robot is simultaneously analyzing the two liquidity providers and commits transactions to only one. Through fix api you are able to connect to the prime broker and its data would be used as an actual and “fast” one. It means the data would be the most relevant and correct on the market. Otherwise, you can connect to any other robot, which is considered as “slow”. Considering that the “fast” one is the prime one, all the trading operations on the “slow” platform would be done towards the “fast” one. Therefore, you are able to fixate several points of exchange rate difference and increase the profitability indicators by the number of speculative operations.

The second option leans on the same approach of comparing the quotes between the two brokers. However, there is no difference between the “slow” of the “fast” fix api broker for the robot. The robot would make trading operations only at the largest exchange rate difference between the same currency pair. At this moment the robot simultaneously analyzes multiple assets, detects divergence within a millisecond and opens two transactions. If one broker has a 110.700 USDJPY rate, while another – 110.750, then the robot would open a purchase from the first one and a sale from the second one if there is a 5 points difference. When the transactions would be equal or have at least 1 or 2 points difference, then the robot would close both operations. The difference between the discrepancy is the profit of the fix api trader.

Our trading robots are able to conduct a highly profitable fix api trading and perform many trading operations. You can get a tremendous profit by fixating the multiple profit points each hour during the month or a year. In addition, there is going to be a zero risk parameter. Our software performs 40% of the return on investment capital, which is the leading index on a market.

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