How our software can increase your capital

Every investor is looking for bigger returns on the investment. Many consider forex market as one of the most profitable instruments provided you know what you are doing. In case you are not you start looking for a good money manager and pay his fees in return of profits. Surely there is an issue of trusting your funds to someone and hoping you are not going to lose.

Is it possible to learn how to trade almost risk free? Sure!

Of the best strategies of risk free trading is arbitrage trading. Especially fix api arbitrage trading.

If you have a closer look at our product here, watch explanatory videos, get involved and you are willing to learn just a bit, you can have a tool that will generate income for you almost risk free.

We have created this product through years of experience and trading as well as deep knowledge of broker world – how they work and more importantly, how they think.

Our fix api trading software has been delivering very good results, is fully automated and you can count on great support from our support team.

Very briefly on how it works:

Our Fix Api Lock Arbitrage picks up a currency pair and analyzes it on two different brokers. Once the exchange rate is beyond the range of specified parameters, our robot opens deals on both brokers. So that there is no formal lock. Once the difference in quotes returns to normal regulatory range, the robot closes the deal and fixes some points of profit.


The value of the currency pair EURUSD is 1.1250 for one broker and 1.1220 for another. Let’s assume that the program manager set the parameter of exchange rate difference for opening of the deal at 20 points and closing at the achievement of 10 points. Proceeding from this, the robot will perform two trading operations: buying EURUSD from the second fix api forex broker and selling EURUSD at the first one. Let’s assume that after a while the value of the currency pairs is 1.1270 at the first broker and 1.1260 at the second one. Thus, the financial result for the first operation is -20 points, and for the second +40 points. The overall financial result is +20 points. It is the original exchange rate difference.

Our trading robot holds positions for some time, which allows to bypass the prohibitions of the broker companies on the use of speculative algorithmic strategies.

This approach allows you to reduce the trading risks to 0 and steadily increase the amount of your capital. According to the statistics, the trading robot Fix Api Lock Arbitrage increases the amount of investments by an average of 30% per month! Moreover, you do not have to pay a regular commission for management or distribution.

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