Unique Quality at a Very Affordable Price: FX MARS MT4 BRIDGE

Brokerage business is a very dynamic sphere, which suffers changes every year. The development of information technologies has also fundamentally changed the traditional approaches of the brokerage business. To enable the company to function fully and consistently, the broker must also have innovative software in a form of a server and monitoring programs for all exchange transactions on it.

If earlier all the client operations were delivered to the market exclusively by call, today, traders and investors have become more independent. To perform operations, it is enough to have a computer, Internet access and an account in a brokerage company. That’s all, you can fully trade. However, the broker should monitor absolutely all the operations to regulate his direct financial risks. Today, our knowledge of the market situation, as well as scores years of experience in the development of algorithmic trading programs, allowed us to create such a software – FX MARS MT4 BRIDGE (http://4fxbrokers.com/mt4-bridge/).

FX MARS MT4 BRIDGE is the best quality bridge software at an affordable price in the market. This software complex is able to connect to both your server and the clearing companies, which allows you to control absolutely all open transactions in the context of any group. Also, you can set up a flexible filtering system in order to automatically perform the trading operations you are interested in, both on the internal server and on the market. We will talk today about this broad functional.

The peculiarity of FX MARS MT4 BRIDGE is that it can work simultaneously in two methods: a-book and b-book. Moreover, if necessary, you will always have the opportunity to close the b-book transaction on the side of the clearing center, i.e. directly on the market.


This technology implies the execution of trading orders directly on the market and on market conditions. It is best to perform trading operations of your clients on the a-book principle under the following conditions:

  1. The client trades in large volumes, which makes an advantage on the asset in the company;
  2. High-frequency algorithmic trade is being conducted;
  3. Trading operations are opened for a group of high-risk assets;
  4. Under certain agreements with customers.

Typically, most brokerage companies use this approach only in the above described cases. All operations are standard on the internal execution according to the b-book principle. 


The difference of this approach is the fact that all the new customers are initially traded on the broker’s server. Thus, b-book in fact allows you to “reduce” all customers for the execution of trading operations. This allows you to track all transactions and in case of necessity in FX MARS MT4 BRIDGE, you can redirect all transactions from b-book to a-book using simple functionality.

As for the commissions and brokerage fees, the b-book system initially copies the metrics that you specify in a-book. But for each group, you can use different parameters. We recommend setting higher commissions for transactions that are executed according to the a-book methodology and establish static margins and delays for the b-book technology.

The program also implements a full-fledged database, which you can use to build logical chains, automatic monitoring, and control of risk transactions. All this information is created on separate tabs:

  1. Trades: it displays all necessary information in the context of trading operations. In this tab, you can find trading transactions, as well as the results for them.
  2. Exposure: it displays information in the context of financial assets and current yield on them. Thus, the tab makes it clear which asset gives you a drawdown. This allows you to reinsure the growing risk by blocking it in the market.
  3. Accounts: here, you will find information in the context of each account. The tab carries information about the profitability, the current p/l account, its free margin and on which of the transaction methodologies are delivered to the market. And it is through this tab that you can change the type of performance from “a” to “b”.
  4. Groups: it displays the segmentation of clients to specific types. For example, you can create a group of scalpers and to ice into a single group all accounts, in which the time for holding a position is less than a minute.
  5. MT4: similarly, as the previous tab, it allows you to see the groups that trade on the lights of MT4.
  6. Connect: it displays connection information for fix api.
  7. Log: this tab carries information on all transactions and the slightest changes to the trading account.
  8. Template: it allows using filters to create massive conditions for finding a specific group of clients. For example, a client trades on an automatic algorithm for one financial instrument. In this way, you can customize the template so that it is the client that gets it, and the operations on this tool are executed using the a-book methodology to reduce risks. But all other transactions are opened in the standard mode on the server side of the brokerage company.

Moreover, in FX MARS MT4 BRIDGE we have implemented a built-in terminal. It has the functionality of closing and opening of the tour positions, which allows your dealing to have a permanent access to the trading accounts for prompt response. Quite often, situations arise when the client cannot close positions on his own. Then, he can call the broker to close his position. And then, the dealer can do it. Also, if you need to cover the volume for a particular tool, then using a built-in terminal, all transactions will be realized.

If you are just creating your brokerage business, FX MARS MT4 BRIDGE will improve its results in the first stages and will become the main tool that will influence the future of your company.


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