List of our investment developments for trading in the foreign exchange market

Today, the currency market provides the best speculative investment opportunities. The majority of the modern fix api traders begin their acquaintance with financial markets from this platform. Our company is focused on the passive type of earnings through software development, which we are ready to share with you.

Our software is based on three basic ideas:

  1. A speculative market should be used for trading;
  2. Trade should be conducted according to the market conditions, thus, speculatively and at the time of the best investment opportunities;
  3. The trading approach should be completely automated and include the newest features that not even every fix api forex broker is ready to provide.

In the context of these three ideas, we will look at the results that we managed to achieve in the shortest possible time.

Selecting the speculative market

This is a fairly simple task, because it’s not a secret that fix api forex demonstrates the greatest intraday volatility. Also in this section, we included the ability to trade using the fix api MT4 platform, since we rightfully consider it to be the best software solution for algorithmic trading. Given modern forex brokers a direction, almost 95% of them provide an opportunity to trade with this terminal.

Choosing a Trading Algorithm

The next goal was very difficult and required considerable time resources. We conducted more than 100 tests of various trading systems and automated them. However, the results were far from the desired goal. Nevertheless, we managed to find an approach that is capable of opening many operations, and will not be based on risk principles, such as grid algorithms, martingale or scalping. Thus, we created an arbitration approach and are among the first to implement this trading system for this market. Earlier fix api arbitration was difficult to realize due to a single market and the absence of significant exchange rate differences. But thanks to the brokers who set mark-ups, today there is an opportunity to conduct arbitrage transactions directly between two different platforms.

Realization of this idea allowed us to create two types of arbitration techniques:

  1. Fix api Latency Arbitrage ( ): this software allows you to make speculative trading transactions based on the exchange rate difference between two different brokers. To do this, you must first determine which site delivers quotes more quickly, and which is slower. After all, the robot will analyze both trading accounts, but make deals on the side of the slower broker towards the dynamics of the quotations of a faster broker. We also realized the possibility of connecting the robot to the Fix financial protocol, which significantly increases the robot’s effectiveness.
  2. Fix api Lock Arbitrage ( ) this principle is based on the pair opening of trading operations. The algorithm is very similar to the first program, but the difference consists in the fact that the robot opens two transactions at the time of the exchange discrepancy: a purchase at a lower price and a sale at a higher price. When the discrepancy returns to the normative range, the robot fixes both positions, and this spread is a profit of the fix api trader.

Implementation of the program approach

In the previous section, we described two of our trading robots. However, this is not all the software that we can provide to you. In our arsenal, there is software (fix api), with which you can connect to the financial protocol and conduct trading on market conditions, and not every broker is able to provide such an opportunity – . Moreover, this software is independent of your trading system.

We call all of you to use the full potential of the foreign exchange market in order to generate maximum profitability with minimal risks.

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