Locking transactions in the arbitration algorithm

For sure, each of you came across examples of a combination of various market analysis tools or full-fledged trading techniques. In such examples, non-standard elements were used that were combined into ready-made complex trading strategies for the fix api forex market. Thus, when technical tools (often indicators) from one strategy were applied in the work of another. Or, when some parameters of money management were used in combination with others, leaving the potential for maneuverability.

Such a non-standard combination can be found on our resource in the “products” sections: http://forexzzz.com/product/forex-zzz-lock-arbitrage/. We have created software that allows you to make arbitrage transactions, and keep the open positions with the help of a risk control strategy, namely locking. To understand how this works, we suggest you to understand each tool separately, and also we will demonstrate how these elements are combined into one ready-made trading robot.

 Fix api arbitrage is a trading strategy that consists in making speculative positions based on exchange rate differences between the same financial asset (or its derivatives), but on different stock exchanges. According to this principle, an analysis is made not of the historical movement of the asset, but of its price directly in the current time interval. This approach allows you to control the risks and completely conduct a risk-free strategy (which we implemented with the help of locking positions).

Locking or trading lock is a trading technique for controlling risks and keeping them at a certain level. Thus, there is a fixation of risks. To do this, it is necessary to open a trading position in the same volume and in the opposite direction from the formed loss. Thus, one position will increase the loss, and the other Р profit, but the total result will be equal to the fixed risk. This method is often used by fix api traders, who work primarily on statistics to attract additional capital.

How do these two approaches combine in our software?

Everything is very simple. The principle of locking was developed in order to hold positions for several hours and for a fix api forex broker, which prohibits arbitrage trading, there was no doubt that you are trading in a manual mode. Thus, with the exchange rate discrepancy, the trading robot makes two transactions and closes the profit while narrowing the exchange rate difference, but at the same time, it opens a lock operation to hold positions. And when the arbitration opportunity reappears, profits are fixed again and an arbitration transaction is already opened.

The principle of our Fix Api Lock Arbitrage software allows:

  1. To control risks;
  2. To circumvent the bans of brokerage companies on algorithmic and arbitrage trading;
  3. To use the program on the accounts of the trading terminal cTrader and fix api MT4;
  4. To trade via fix api on the side of quality brokers and even prime brokerage companies;
  5. To minimize slippage when trading items are opened.

Given the above possibilities of the program, it can become an excellent tool for passive earnings in the financial fix api forex market. With our software, you get access to quick quotes of feeds, so you do not need a report in the fast broker. In addition, we provide our customers with free lifelong support.

According to our robot trade monitoring, which you can also see on the website, the trading robot allows you to demonstrate a yield of 8-10% per week or 32-40% per month. At the same time, the risks of trade will be at the minimum marks at the expense of the combination of both arbitrage and lock trading algorithm.

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