What is the difference between a trader and a professional trader? As unexpected as it is, a lack of emotions. That is actually why the most professional traders are robots. They do not jump to unnecessary conclusions.

So, no wonder serious traders employ serious software that provides automatic strategies. Traders are still looking for improving their results even when they are using professional software. Let’s have a look at what and how can be improved in fixapi trading.

A trading robot is a set of rules and functions that represent trader’s strategy.. The robot is not influenced by any psychological pressure, or other emotional scenarios so it does significantly decrease your chances for a loss.

So, it is possible to figure out several key aspects of low results in trading, which are successfully solved by employing a sophisticated trading robot:

  • Work 24/5. The algorithm will work in an autonomous mode and will conduct an uninterrupted process of currency pairs analysis. This allows you to never miss the advantageous entry points and to squeeze maximum potential out of the trading strategy. If your trading strategy has a positive mathematical expectation, this will indicate that with an increase in the number of trading operations, the financial result will also increase proportionately.
  • Risk control. Fix api trader can succumb to negative psychological factors associated with losses or reducing the investment capital. To restore the loss, some people resort to increasing the risk parameters in order to obtain the maximum result. However, this aggravates the current situation even more. The strategy needs to be tested and if in the long term it demonstrates profitability then the current losses should be viewed as a temporary result. The trading robot does not see this as a problem and conducts trade on the principles that are built into it. You can specify the risk percentage for the deposit or for each transaction, and the robot will work according to these parameters.
  • Response speed. There are certain trading strategies that a trader cannot perform in a “manual mode.” Such systems include scalping and fix api arbitrage trading. The robot, in its turn, is able to conduct a constant process of searching for exchange rate discrepancies in all currency pairs or to make multiple scalping transactions.
  • Scope of the review. The robot is able to cover more financial instruments, based on which it will conduct analysis and monitor trading signals. Again, if the strategy has a positive mathematical expectation, an increase in the number of traded assets will also help increase the financial result.

In addition to the advantages listed above, the work of the trading algorithm can also be improved through trading via the fix api financial protocol – http://forexzzz.com/product/fixapi-zzz/

Fix financial protocol is an access to the current market information in the form of current market quotes, as well as summaries of the recent market events. The relevance of market data is an advantage in the algorithmic fix api trading.

Our forexzzz.com software allows you to conduct fix api trading directly via the servers of the liquidity providers (prime brokers). This approach ensures faster execution of orders, which removes the negative moments like slippage, which often happens on the servers of ordinary broker companies. Our software allows you to bypass the markup of brokerage companies in the form of a spread.

Algorithmic approach allows you to fully automate the trading strategy of the manager, which simplifies the process of asset analysis and selection, but as we see, can also seriously improve financial results as well.

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