Methods of masking algorithmic trading from the brokerage companies

Trading in the financial market is not a simple activity at all. Most of those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the market make a basic mistake to expect easy money and instead of investing, they make bets. We understand the complexity of this market and we perfectly understand the difficulties that a modern fix api trader has to face. Proceeding from this, we actually implemented trading strategies in algorithms that are able to work absolutely without participation of managers.

But the complexity of trading does not end there, and in contrast to the traders, fix api forex brokerage companies also come to the play, which set additional mark-ups and spreads on their assets. Also, there are situations when your pending orders are read by a broker and are opened at a completely different price, or your transactions made by a trading robot are executed with additional restrictions or even accompanied by prohibitions.

Realizing this problem, we have created software that allows you to mask all your transactions, done both in an algorithmic and manual mode. This program is ideal for those who are bored with slippage from the side of brokers, as well as bans on algorithmic fix api trading. Let’s consider it closely.

Manual trading module ( ) is set up on the accounts of brokerage companies in such a way that the broker does not see the order until the moment of its operation. This allows you to enter at the desired prices. Also, the program’s feature is the fact that this software opens deals “on the market” at the moment of triggering the trading signal. Thus, if a broker prohibits trading with the help of advisers, automated trading systems or robots, then such transactions will be considered as opened by a person. You can link the manual trading module to our robot and all the analysis will be conducted by an algorithm, while the opening of positions will occur through a manual trading module, which allows you to bypass a series of prohibitions and restrictions.

If you use this program with our commercial robot fix api Lock Arbitrage, you can trade on a high-frequency algorithm absolutely without any restrictions. These programs are fully synchronized and allow you to increase the trading result.

You can also use a manual trading module in your trading to bypass some negative aspects in the work of brokerage companies. Just imagine how much percent of income you will save, if you reduce the commission payments to brokers for their trading operations. In the context of transaction, these are cents, but in the context of long-term trading, these are a few percent of yield.

Advantages of this software:

  1. It allows you to reduce losses associated with restrictions of brokerage companies;
  2. It enables using an algorithmic approach at platforms where trading is restricted or prohibited by robots;
  3. It is synchronized with arbitration software from our company;
  4. It works in “autoclick” mode, which allows the program to be used with other trading systems, regardless of their functionality and type.

Disadvantages of this software:

  1. It needs additional settings if you combine it with other programs;
  2. It requires additional intervention of a fix api trader in the algorithmic process.

Given all of the above, you can make a simple conclusion for yourself and ensure in the effectiveness of this software. The combination of both our developments and other trading strategies makes it an indispensable attribute in the work of every stock market speculator in the fix api forex market. If you trade at a broker who has great delays in execution of your algorithmic orders and at the same time the speed of opening a deal is very important for you, then the manual trading module is just for you!

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