We developed our product with traders in mind: USE OUR ZZZ FIXAPI with your MT4 tools, Indicators, EAs and get all the market data and trading sessions you need. The key issue of our FIXAPI product is the execution time of your trades. Milliseconds are vital for successful trading and order processing and, finally, money making, so our software is all about fast, instantaneous trading.

There are several ways to use fix api trader:

  1. Manual trading. You can trade manually on your fix api account, using any available order types: FOK, IOC, GTS and with algorithmic features like: move stop loss to break-even level, move take profit to break-even level , use trailing stop etc. You can view and analyse market depth (several available levels price/volume).
  2. Trading with your MT4 terminal.
    • Manual trading from MT4 terminal
    • Trading with Expert Advisors without recoding (if you do not have source code mq4 for your EA). In this case software works like MT4 -FIX API copier – order will be send to fix api only after it is executed on MT4. All pending orders will be send to fix api like market orders.
    • Trading with Expert Advisor with recoding. Your EA can be optimized for FIX API Trader and in this case EA will receive FIX API feed (quotes) and send orders to fix api account immediately when an order will be generated by EA (do not wait when order wil be executed on MT4). You can use all available type of orders: FOK, IOC, Market, etc


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