We created ZZZ 2-LEG ARBITRAGE and mastered it to perfection to satisfy those who thrive on Arbitrage Trading. The software finds arbitrage situation that might occur on two different MT4 brokers or on a FIXAPI account and opens opposite trades on both brokers, hedges small profit. It can keep the positions open from seconds to minutes up until the opposite arbitrage situation appears or price changes to the required value or up until certain timing.  We have created the software in a way to make it impossible for a broker to identify your arbitrage trading.  You can use software for different accounts combinations: MT4 vs MT4, MT4 vs FIX API, FIX API vs FIX API, cTrader vs cTrader (ctrader connector is required), cTrader vs MT4 (ctrader connector is required),, cTrader vs FIX API (ctrader connector is required).


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