How to hide your algorithmic operations from the brokerage company?

Qualitative execution of trading operations is the basis for profitable trading. That is why, a lot of stock speculators have changed the trading platforms more than once, because if the broker has large spreads or commission fees, then this will reduce the annual or monthly yield by 10-15% in the long term. Undoubtedly, the broker should also earn commissions, but when he introduces additional restrictions, you should either change him or circumvent the bans. If the broker restricts the direct trade by introducing special delays, because the trader uses automatic auxiliary software, this is the key reason for going to another company. Every year automation of the trading process is gaining more and more popularity, which helps traders in their trade, but at the same time alarms the low-quality brokerage companies.

There is software in the arsenal of each broker, which purpose is to identify those traders and customers who use auxiliary tools in the form of programs for trading operations. We believe that the fix api trading process will be automated in the future, but not every broker shares this opinion. Because of this, many companies openly restrict the automatic trading of their customers and prohibit such activities. At the same time, they can do this even concealed, thereby establishing delays in the execution of trading operations, additional spreads or slippage.

That is why, in order to circumvent these prohibitions, we created another program that allows us to mask all the transactions of the trader from the broker’s software and from his dealing center – . The Manual Trading Module is our author’s software solution for those fix api traders who are fans of trading using mathematical models and algorithms.

Working principle of the Manual Trading Module

The peculiarity of the Manual Trading Module is that it acts as an auto-click. Thus, all the trading signals generated by a robot fall into this software and transactions are opened through a “new order” in the fix api MT4 trading terminal. Thus, if the broker limits the opening of transactions through algorithmic programs, then the transactions themselves will be executed on behalf of the standard execution. Software broker or his dealing center will take the position data as ones that the trader makes himself. In fact, a trading robot will work on the trading account and will send execution of trading operations to the Manual Trading Module, which will disguise absolutely all trading operations. Also, the peculiarity is the fact that the broker will not see exactly where your order is located (at what price of opening) and will not be able to fully influence your operations. If you will deliver transactions not through the broker’s server, but through the Manual Trading Module, you will reduce the number of levers of influence on your trade at times and certainly increase your trading result.

The manual trading module allows:

  1. To maintain a trading process with a broker who restricts algorithmic trading;
  2. To mask all the operations from the broker, which simplifies the impact on the trading positions;
  3. To work around the broker’s bans on various trading methods, such as high-frequency scalping or fix api arbitration;
  4. To automate the process of received trading signals and execute them directly through this software;
  5. To use the program together with our other software, such as fix api lock arbitrage or fix api latency arbitrage.
  6. To increase the profit potential of the trading system through better execution of the trading transactions;
  7. To bypass spreads and mark-ups, which will also improve the profitability in the long term.

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