Integrated implementation of website synchronization with the trading software. All you need for starting a brokerage business

In today’s world, business start-up should be based on automation of all the processes and work in a digital environment. If we are talking about the brokerage business, it is primarily tuned to work on the Internet, therefore it should fully function in this environment and link all its individual structures, because under the control of the broker, there is automation of the website and server for trading. Moreover, these two independent structures need to be linked.

For sure, this at first glance complexity stops some people from starting their brokerage business. That is why, we are ready to help you and carry out a complete forex broker website integration with both your internal and external programs. Our developments have a full list of all the parameters and functions that each broker must have.

Our web package developments for forex brokers:

  1. Forex broker website. The first acquaintance of the trader with the broker occurs through the company’s website. There, your potential client can familiarize with trading conditions, the list of available financial tools, trading terminals, and also a product line (ready decisions). That is why, it is important that the website converts an ordinary visitor or potential client into a direct new user of your services. Specificity of brokerage business is caused by the fact that one website will not be enough for making the final decision on trading account replenishment. Moreover, the process of viewing any information should be displayed in your CRM. And if the trader opens a trading account (both real and demo), then you should also see this information in your CRM system, and open an account to integrate with MT4, so that when you enter your trading server, the client has the opportunity to view the trading process in a real time mode. We are ready to take care of realization of this complex functional.
  2. Personal office development. The second stage of the client’s acquaintance with the company’s services is the trader’s personal office. If the potential customer has expressed more interest in your company, in any case he will open a trading account and create a personal office to test the funds input and withdrawal. We are developing a full implementation of payment systems that accept payments using PayPal. In the personal office, the trader can also make internal transfers of funds between his accounts and open them with full synchronization of the MT4 server.
  3. Integration mt4 with CRM with your website. We already mentioned the integration of all MT4 data into your CRM. However, this is not all. We can configure the synchronization of data in such a way that the current trading information of the client is also displayed in your CRM platform. This will enable your account manager to analyze the current status of the customer’s account, as well as to check the balance on the account. This is necessary, as in the case of a margin call, the client can replenish funds to maintain the opened positions. Or in the case of stop out, the manager could offer another option for investment to discolor the risks. Displaying the current trade information in your CRM is an excellent tool for sales, as well as connecting new investment solutions.
  4. Implementation of special auxiliary widgets and live online chat. This functionality will increase the interactivity and interaction between your customers. If you will give them this opportunity, they will be more active in trading on your accounts, and you will receive an additional commission. Online chat will allow your traders to share relevant information and attract additional capital from investors, both internal and external.
  5. Development of PAMM platforms. In addition to the web package solutions, we are ready to develop a PAMM platform for your brokerage business. This will allow you to expand the product line and give an opportunity to the professional traders to attract investments into their trading account. We also synchronize the PAMM account with all your internal programs, as well as the website, the CRM system and the MT4 server.
  6. Launch of partner IB programs. For passive attraction of additional customers, we suggest you to use partner programs. A large-scale partner network will allow you to attract additional customers without significant marketing or direct sales costs, because you will pay to the partner only after the actual attraction of a new client.
  7. Implementation of the trading social network. In analogy, as with widgets, the implementation of this particular product will allow your customers to improve their communication skills and add interactivity to the trading process. Moreover, the structure of this product includes the possibility of paid subscription to trading signals. Thus, your client does not need to go to external sources and look for ready signals on them. You can do it all on your side and keep the client in the trading terminal, which will become a real working area of ​​the trader in the MT4trading terminal.

Who will benefit from using our developments:

  1. Only the beginning brokers who start their own business and do not want to make mistakes in the first stages of the company’s launch;
  2. Brokerage companies that want to automate their internal process;
  3. Brokerage companies that want to expand their product line and implement one of these ready-made solutions into their business.

Integration of all processes plays a key role in the future success of the company. The broker must control all these processes at every stage and with the implementation of our web package solutions, you will have such an opportunity. Full integration of the website, CRM and MT4 will allow you to more deeply analyze your client base, their interests and needs. Thus, you will be able to improve your organization making it more client-oriented, which in the long term will pay off to you with additional commissions and expansion of this client base.


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