Overview of the Key Useful Functions of FX MARS BRIDGE for Brokers

Success of any business directly depends on the construction of internal processes and their systematization. To achieve this, the broker must also control all the trading operations that are traded on his server at the moment. Earlier, when the brokers processed orders from their traders and stock speculators, he could affect the size of the deal, maximum margins or the execution of the orders. However, the modern world of digital technologies is completely deprived of this. All the operations must be processed directly in an automatic mode. For a modern broker, this function is performed by a “bridge” technology. This technology allows you to track all the transactions, monitor them, and sell transactions on the market. Our company created such software, which is an indispensable tool for absolutely each brokerage company – http://4fxbrokers.com/mt4-bridge/. Our ten-year experience in the development and implementation of trading software solutions allowed us to invent FX MARS BRIDGE with great functionality at the most affordable price.

The peculiarity of FX MARS BRIDGE is its flexibility and the ability to comprehensively cover all the key points in the work of the brokerage company. Moreover, we realized the possibility of choosing the execution of b-book and a-book transactions. Thus, you can choose which trading operations or groups of trading operations are best delivered to the market, and which ones to your internal server. Also, for each type of execution, you can specify your commission, spread, and slippage based on your preferences.

This software allows you to respond to the growing brokerage risks, to overlap the trading operations, to monitor the result on financial instruments, to set a set of logical filters for specific monitoring of different types of trading operations. And this is not the end. We suggest that you consider the full functionality of FX MARS BRIDGE, which is an indispensable attribute for a stable operation of a brokerage company:

  1. Ability to switch transactions between a-book and b-book: the main feature of our software is that you can easily decide for themselves what transactions to execute on the market and which ones on the internal server. For this, we have implemented an integrated operation switch, which easily allows you to implement transactions on the market. Often, this approach is used at a moment when risks for the broker occur.
  2. Control of broker risks: the program allows you to be aware of how much and for which tools are now a financial risk for your company. With FX MARS BRIDGE, you can quickly respond to them. For example, if you see that the client has huge volumes that will be difficult to cover, you can put his deals directly on the market. Or, if you see that the trading account is clearly working with high-frequency algorithms, you can similarly close these operations on the market. Thus, you will control, and most importantly, influence the reduction of brokerage risks (volumes, trading robots, news trading or trading on a group of risky assets).
  3. Monitoring the results of trading operations: you can conduct an in-depth analysis of absolutely all positions. This allows you to see and respond to unique transactions for further analysis. So, if you are just starting your brokerage business, this opportunity will help you build a reliable system, increase your company’s profitability and to stay afloat for a long time.
  4. Control over individual assets: our program allows you to analyze not only the results of client accounts and all transactions, but also look at the deviation in the context of financial tools. For example, you can see an obvious “bias” in the value of one of the currency pairs. Accordingly, you can open the opposite transaction on the side of clearing or prime broker and to thereby retain the risk and when the loss decreases to close your position.
  5. Ability to track all transactions on the account: we realized the ability to check all the logs (the slightest changes) on the trading account. This will give you an opportunity to learn by what methods the client trades and how he independently optimizes trading operations.

  1. Creating templates with a set of certain conditions: FX MARS BRIDGE allows you to develop the necessary conditions that will enable you to quickly and automatically track transactions and customers for a certain attribute. For example, you can create a template that will look in the tabs of the order execution technique and if transactions are opened with the help of a robot, then you can group them according to this condition. Or you can create more complex queries. If a customer trades on EURUSD only using a high-frequency algorithm and also performs manual transactions, the filtering condition must be strengthened. Moreover, the transaction made by the robot should be delivered to the market by the a-book method. To do this, it is necessary to set a condition in the template, in which to verify the name of the trading tool on the client’s account and if a deal on EURUSD is opened, the template will deliver the deal directly to the market, which will reduce the potential loss of the broker at the very beginning of the opening of operations.

  1. Built-in terminal: this function allows you to instantly open operations. There are times when the market is in a volatile phase and prompt opening of the transaction to cover risks in the market can play a key role. Also, sometimes there are situations when the client does not have an opportunity to conduct a transaction or to optimize the current transaction. The ability to contact the dealer to make a deal will increase customer loyalty to you.

This functionality of FX MARS BRIDGE allows you to analyze all the trading operations in a complex performed in your server. This allows our program to be the best technical and software solution of the bridge type, which is now on the market.

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