Software that will avoid the prohibitions of algorithmic trading set by the brokerage companies

A number of brokerage companies restrict the activity of trading robots. The thing is that such companies were created only for one purpose – to make a profit from their customers, on their spreads, swaps, slippage and so on. We are fans of open and transparent trading and from our fix api forex brokers we expect the same in our direction. Therefore, we initially choose only a quality supplier of quotations, which is vital for the work of our algorithmic strategies. But for those cases when the broker plays a game against us, we have developed a software package that solves this problem. It’s about the manual trading module – .

The manual trading module is a program implemented as an “autoclick” that masks all trading operations performed by the algorithm. This kind of software allows trading robots to trade steadily in those fix api forex brokerage companies, where they deliberately prohibit or reduce the possibility of stable algorithmic trading. Thus, similar brokerage companies, also using automatic systems, determine the fact of the one who trade in the account: a robot or a person. And in case of the first option – increase the environment and slip in order to reduce your trading result. Some people forbid it at all. The manual trade module bypasses this prohibition and gives the broker’s system to understand that the account is being traded by a person, although in fact it is a robot. So, when the robot opens the transaction, the broker’s system can recognize and block the trading account or execute the transaction with an additional delay or extra charge. Our program masks it using a program, and the broker’s server receives a request to open a trading operation for purchase or sale in the fix api forex market in the form of manual execution.

This software solution avoids simultaneously two important problems or the prohibition of brokerage companies:

  1. Limitation of fix api trading with low-quality order execution. There are many trading algorithms that demonstrate positive trading results, while having minimal risks and a retention period. These strategies include fix api arbitration algorithms (with some types you can get acquainted in our product line), as well as, for example, scalping systems. There are other strategists, but now this is not important, because the manual trading module is able to implement any of them on the site, where the use of robots is prohibited.
  2. Prohibition of the use of trading robots. Despite the fact that technological progress does not stand still and has already reached the financial markets, some brokers simply do not accept it. While the trading robots are being created and distributed on the market with a huge speed for the diversification of manual trading, a small share of brokers recognizes only one type of trade – the manual one. As we wrote above, the manual trading module allows you to bypass this point. All transactions exhibited by the robot will be visualized for the brokerage company system under the guise of opening orders manually.

To improve the result of fix api trading, we recommend you to use the manual trading module for the brokerage company test, too. You will be able to analyze and compare the trade results made in a manual mode using the software, as well as the results of your trading robot.

The manual trading module will allow you to avoid substandard suppliers of quotations and brokerage companies, thereby increasing the result of your fix api trading. Also, it is an excellent tool for trade optimization and providing data, made in the form of manual transactions. The main thing is that in the fight against the financial market, there can be additional difficulties, with which we can help you thanks to our trading products.

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