Trading robots in the modern financial world

The world has changed. Most likely, every year it will get transformed further and further. This is a reaction to the continuous pursuit of information technology. The modern world cannot live without smartphones or around-the-clock Internet access. Even to find out the news, you do not need any longer to read newspaper at breakfast, but it will be enough to turn on the computer and find out all the latest events in the world, including the situation on the fix api forex market.

In addition, almost all the processes are automated: machines brew coffee, prepare dinner, produce complex mathematical calculations in a matter of a few seconds, and solve complex models based on a number of conditions. It really makes life much easier. Our team, in turn, makes the life of each fix api trader simple.

In the world where each process is automated, one should also think about automating the most complicated fix api trading techniques. That’s why each of our products in the form of a trading robot solves those problems that a trader cannot do himself. For example, the Lock arbitrage fix api arbitration algorithm ( ) conducts instant analysis of the same currency pair, but at different brokerage sites and at the moment when the exchange rate is formed, the robot opens the transactions. So, at the same time dozens of currency pairs are made. A trader, like a person, simply cannot physically do it. Moreover, making such trading operations, profits from the trading position are guaranteed to be fixed. After all, at the time of the quotation narrowing, the difference will make up the income of the fix api trader.

If we consider trading algorithms in a complex, then like every software, all trading robots have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of trading robots:

  1. The robot is capable to conduct continuous analysis. If a trader needs a few seconds to form his opinion on a new trading signal, and as the same amount of time to open a deal, the robot does it in less than a second;
  2. From the first point the second one emerges – the speed of response. The robot sees the signal and immediately opens the deal without hesitation;
  3. Absence of psychological factors. As for me, this is the most important point. For the robot acts according to the algorithm set in it and cannot enter into the states of “acting out”, greed or fear, which are the biggest defects of the trader;
  4. Monitoring of the money management parameters. Since the robot acts according to the algorithm, as I wrote above, it will always monitor the risks and keep them in the specified range, which will allow monitoring the dynamics of the strategy in complex, rather than on the basis of several successful transactions.

Disadvantages of trading robots:

  1. Lack of irrational thinking due to the appearance of new and more relevant data from the market. This is not about the quotes, but about the new trends and trends that are set by the fundamental data;
  2. But along with the fact that the robot is not able to analyze the behavioral model and new data, the algorithm may lose profitability due to the large volatility of the foreign exchange market. Thus, when the fundamental data came out or the head of the Central Bank made a statement, the robot will not take this into account and will only trade according to the program code.

Given the advantages and disadvantages, it is easy to conclude that the application of the automatic approach in fix api trading will increase the profitability of the trading strategy. The main factor will be the efficiency of the algorithmic strategy, and only then should you study the remaining parameters. Moreover, modern robots can perfectly combine with other elements of determining the future value of assets, including manual trading.

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